Update latest steel price list for reference

Ngày đăng: 25/04/2020 Chia sẽ bởi: Lee Đồng Chuyên mục: sắt thép Lượt xem: 79 lượt

Each type of shaped steel will have different structural characteristics and applications for each different constructions. Below are specific applications of each type of section steel:

U-shaped steel: The steel has a U-shaped section. U-shaped steel has a flat stomach and wide wings so it is convenient to connect with other components. U-shaped steel is often used for bending beams, purlin roof purlins, or it can also be used as columns, making bridges (when assembled into symmetrical sections)

I-shaped steel: The steel has the same shape as the I-shaped steel. Steel I can also be used as a column (need to increase longitudinal stiffness by expanding the wings or pairing two I-shaped steel together).
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